Major Milestones and Accolades 2021-03-16T14:23:42+08:00

Major Milestones and Accolades

1990 – Founded as a partnership

1992 – Corporatised as a private limited company

1995 – Awarded first private-sector project, the Riverside Point

1997 – Awarded first multi-million dollar project, The Eunos Tech Park Phase I

1999 – Awarded first-public-sector project, the MFA HQ Complex | Awarded ISO 9002 Certification | Moved to present location

2000 – Won the prestigious Enterprise 50 Award

2002 – Awarded First project through strategic alliance, The Changi Prison Compex Cluster “A” project, worth $16.7 million

2004 – Attain BCA L6 Grade, qualifying the Company to tender for public-sector projects of unlimited values

2005 – Won the prestigious Enterprise 50 Award

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